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There was certain vulnerability in his wide eyes, staring up at the man in the night as he had snuck up on him. His back was curved as he was pinned against the wall in an alley. He was curious about the green haired man, wondering where he was going. Luffy was staring into his dark eyes that were upset and angry about something. With a knife at his throat, Luffy was showing vulnerability the green haired man had never seen before.

"Oh, it's only you," Zoro said, putting his pocket knife away and stepping back to give the boy room in the narrow alleyway. Luffy happened to be "exploring" the town when he spotted Zoro coming out of a pub looking angry.

"Is something wrong?" Luffy asked his voice oddly light for such a crappy night. Zoro ignored him and started to walk in the direction he was walking before. Luffy followed. "Oi, Zoro, what's this about? Is it about Kuina, because-"

"Shut up, you idiot!" He hissed. Zoro didn't like when his friends brought up Kuina, his best friend when he was younger. Zoro and Kuina were raised in the same dojo and after so many sword fights to see who was better, Kuina had died. "It's not about that, it happened years ago," As if his mood couldn't sink any lower. "It's none of your business" He muttered, sticking his hands into his sweater pockets.

"I am your captain so it is my business!" Luffy exclaimed. Ever since he saw a few pirate movies he had declared that he wanted to be a pirate, but in this day and age you would get twenty in the slammer. Zoro ignored him and turned left onto the street.

"Oi, Zoro!" Luffy called. Zoro stopped and turned his head. "Isn't the apartment this way?" His eyes widened and he started to grumble his way back in the opposite direction. He couldn't tell north from west even if it were to save his life.
Luffy and Zoro lived in the same apartment building. Luffy lived with his older brother, Ace, until he had died of a fatal accident. Those two were inseparable most times and it was surprising to know that someone as level-headed as Ace could be the brother of Luffy who thinks that a microwave oven is a "mystery rotating oven."

"Later, Luffy," Zoro said as he stopped in front of his door. "I'll see you tomorrow or something." He jabbed the key in the hole and it opened, smashing against the wall with a loud bang.  

"Bye...Zoro," Luffy said slowly, having the sense that his best friend had something that was troubling him.

Zoro was in his bed, looking up at the ceiling and cursing himself for letting his emotions get the better of him. This normally would never happen, except for the time when it was Halloween and everyone dressed up. They came across a man named Kaku who was dressed as a giraffe and had a square nose, almost like Usopp's. He looked so ridiculous Zoro couldn't hold in his laughter. Damn that shit-cook.
"I wonder what Nami-san would prefer," A curly eye browed man said. He stood in front of two dishes, samples that the head chef made. He was planning on making those for Nami and Robin whenever they came over with all the other brutes. "This one has a very alluring aroma but the other has been rated five out of five stars...which would Nami-san prefer? Or even Robin-chan?"

"Sanji, go home already. It's already closing time. Just take your stuff and leave already."

"What did you say?" Sanji said, looking at the man who had interrupted his thinking. "I'm trying to do something thoughtful, so you can get out you third rate cook."

The other cook sighed and left, cursing the head chef for bringing this brat in to work and live with him.

Sanji closed up shop after he picked the five star rating dishes to make for Nami and Robin the next day for dinner with his friends - with Zoro. He shook his head and went back to his apartment with a clear mind.

"Luffy, can you leave? I'm not in the best mood. Why don't you go bother Usopp?" Zoro said as he sat on his couch watching TV while Luffy raided his fridge. "You've got your own fridge so get outta mine!" Zoro yelled at the younger boy. Luffy had shown up with movies and snacks that he saved especially for sleepovers with Zoro, Chopper, and Usopp - although Zoro never really goes. He called Chopper and Usopp on Zoro's phone but they said they were busy and so it was just the two of them.

"We've got snacks already, so you don't have to clean out my fridge! Or do you want me to put away the movies?"

After a moment's pause Luffy came running in and sat on the carpet with his lips in a thin line. He is too much like a child, he thought. "What movie would you want to watch first?"

"The pirate one!"

"They're all pirate movies." Zoro said, exasperated.

Sanji was in his room, sitting on his bed as he came from the shower. He needed to get the feeling of grime and sweat off his body from that pub he walked into. He lit a cigarette and started to smoke. He left the window open so the smoke alarm would go off.

"Oi, marimo," Sanji sneered, sitting beside the green haired man.
"Oi, dart-brow," Zoro said dully.
Sanji snorted and looked at the man. He leaned forward and started to whisper despite the loud music in the background. "Are you sure you still want to explain things?"
"Of course I'm sure," He said. "I've been sure since the last-"
"Well, yeah," Sanji muttered, looking to the side. "But what if they don't like it?"
"Are you scared that our friends won't support us? Do you think they're homophobes or something?" Zoro said, setting down his drink. Sanji stuttered. "Shit-cook, are you scared that they won't approve of us?" Sanji only stated at the larger man. Their eyes were locked. "Or that Nami and Robin won't look at you the same?" He saw a flash of guilt in his eyes. Zoro looked away and threw away his drink, the glass cracking against the floor.
He jumped and looked down. "No, Zoro, I'm ready, I'm just-"
"-scared to admit it to myself." Zoro finished for him.
"Of course, you're just not ready for this. You're not ready to make us official yet, you like lying to our friends about what we do on our weekends and most nights." His face turned red as he started to get angry. "Yes, I get it."
"That's not what I mean, you shitty-swordsman!" Sanji yelled. Few people looked their way.
"What do you mean then? You don't want to be seen with me?"
"Admit it, shit-cook, you're afraid what Nami and Robin would think of you. So let me make this easier for you. Let's just end this relationship now."
"Fine, you won't listen anyways!" Sanji exclaimed.
"Fine!" -

Sanji hung his head and looked down to his toes. What the hell just happened?

"Luffy, shut up, I can't hear the movie." Zoro hit him on the head. Luffy was adding his own sound effects to the movie as the battles and the plot got more interesting.

"Sorry, Zoro," Luffy laughed. "I can't help it, it's just so cool!"

Zoro rolled his eyes and continued to watch the pirate movies he had no interest in. Luffy is the only one who has a real interest in pirates, while all of our friends aren't so interested. Nami is even more against pirates for some reason.

Crap, I must have fallen asleep, Zoro thought. He yawned and tried to move but he couldn't. He felt as if he were pinned under something. He looked down and saw his best friend sleeping on him, his head on a pillow on his lap. Zoro looked down at the younger boy who was sleeping peacefully. Who would have known that such a soft look would like this on a person? After minutes of looking at him Zoro cleared his mind and closed his eyes.

Dinner that night after was held at Sanji's house, and everyone had shown up, to his surprise even Zoro. The food he had cooked all by himself and desperately wished that Nami and/or Robin would fall in love with him. Optimism doesn't hurt, he thought happily.

"No, Chopper," Usopp said with a mouthful of food. "You've got to do it like this." He moved his mouth a few times and smiled with the chewed food substituting for his teeth, his eyes going back to his head and making Nami scream with disgust. Everyone laughed or chuckled.

"Oh, okay!" Chopper did the exact same thing. Chopper is the youngest of all of them and somehow by some great miracle, he's a doctor. "Like this?" Everyone started to laugh, only because if they don't his feelings would be hurt. Chopper was very impressionable.

It might have all seemed care free in that room, but there was tension between two friends. They didn't make eye contact, and if they did, it would be brief. Too brief.

Luffy started to notice something, but only with Zoro. He didn't think anything of Sanji. He seemed to think that it was about his troubling times without any of his friends because they all split up to go to different universities for different professions.

Afterwards, everyone hung out, talking with each other as they usually did. Zoro decided it was time to go and for some reason brought Luffy with him who protested.

"Zoro, what's wrong?" Luffy asked the mysterious man who had never had a problem as this. "You didn't say anything and you barely ate."

"Why do you always have to be insightful whenever there's something wrong?" Zoro muttered.

"So there is a problem?"

Zoro groaned. "No, Luffy...I'm sorry. I just needed to..." He held his head. "I don't know what I'm doing. I'm sorry I dragged you out her, you can just go back to Sanjis' place."

"Alright." Luffy said hesitantly.

Zoro opened the door after there were three knocks. He was hoping it wasn't Sanji but also hoping it was. After what happened with him in the pub, he couldn't think or look at him. So when Zoro opened the door, he was neither happy nor unhappy. He couldn't tell if what he saw was okay. Luffy was dressed with a special red shirt wide open and blue shorts and he had a straw hat that his uncle Shanks gave him. He was holding a bag full of mysteries. Zoro had to think it was food.

"Luffy...? I thought you were with everyone else?"

"I thought of going back then I thought that I could buy some things."

"That doesn't explain why you're here."

"Well, I got to thinking that you should cheer up and I came here." He entered without the consent of Zoro and put the bag of mysteries on the table. Zoro sat down on the couch and sighed.

"And what are those things that you could have bought me? It's not wine, right? God, I hate that stuff." He threw his head back as he thought of the time when he tried wine at the shit-cooks house. That was around the time when he started to like him.

"Just stay like that," Luffy said. "Keep your eyes closed too!" Zoro followed the orders and relaxed a bit. He felt something, then a zip. He threw his head up as he saw Luffy going between his legs and undoing his pants. Zoro blushed as his eyes widened. "Luffy, what are you-?!" His sentence was interrupted with his own moan as Luffy took Zoro's length into his mouth. Luffy, himself, was blushing like mad as this was his first time.

"I uuhhve oooohbb phbooorruuu." Luffy slurped.

"Don't talk like that!" Zoro said, blushing.

Luffy took his mouth off and looked up at the green haired man. "I love you, Zoro." Then he continued slowly. Zoro's mind raced with thoughts of him and the pleasure. It exceeded his limits. Zoro moaned and had put his hand into Luffy's black hair, feeling how soft it was. It made his hand tingle with delight and it added to the pleasure.
"Ah, Luffy, please, stop-ah!" Zoro came. Luffy looked up at Zoro with a smile and a white spot at the corner of his mouth. Zoro took Luffy in his hands and brought him up to kiss him. Luffy moaned into the kiss and sat on top of Zoro. He stretched to grab the bag as Zoro kissed his neck and licked his nipples.

Zoro took notice of this and looked at the bag. "What is that?"

"Stuff..." He replied shyly and took out a bottle of lube. He blushed more. "To be honest, I planned this. Even if it didn't work I would...try..."

"Luffy," Zoro murmured. "…And the whipped cream…?" He had blushed even more. Zoro chuckled and kissed him. He picked up Luffy who had his legs around him and they fell to the hardwood floor. He took out the whipped cream. "Are you sure?" Luffy nodded. He sprayed the white cream onto Luffy's bare chest - on his nipples, across his scar, and down to his pants. He sprayed it in places where he thought would give Luffy pleasure.

He started to lick his neck first, then trailing down to his chest. Luffy moaned as Zoro sucked on his nipples, one hand softly rubbing the other. What ran through Luffy's mind was only the pleasure of being close to Zoro and the feeling of having whipped cream licked off his body. He couldn't put it into words himself.

Zoro had finished with the whipped cream and undid Luffy's jeans, trailing whipped cream to the tip. Luffy bit his lip as the sensation came over him and curved his back. There was that same innocent look he had given Zoro the night before. Zoro couldn't wait. He needed Luffy. Zoro started to suck him off, swirling his tongue with the whipped cream on there as if it were a lollipop. Luffy had came far sooner than Zoro expected.

"Zoro," Luffy breathed heavily. "Put it in me," He said softly, looking down at Zoro. "Please..." The lustful look of Luffy's was inconceivable. Zoro had to put it in him now. The green haired man grabbed the lube and applied it to Luffy's hole, swirling around at the entrance and then poking on finger in. He softly went in and out, and Luffy couldn't hide his moans anymore. Just hearing him moan, Zoro's own cock had been throbbing. He couldn't wait any longer. He positioned himself so that his tip was at the entrance of his ass. He entered slowly, letting Luffy get used to his length. He gasped at the length and thickness.

Zoro kissed the younger man and whispered, "I'm going to start moving now." He moved his hips as slowly as he could for Luffy's sake. He may be strong but he was still a child. Luffy moaned in his ear, and he liked that, almost too much.

"Faster," Luffy got out. "Faster, Zoro." He followed his demand and moved his hips faster, then he started to kiss Luffy, feeling his moans. The sensation of feeling his best friend was inconceivable, he couldn't believe it himself. That's when he realized he loved him. Their friendship was like love in a disguise, and Luffy was the first one to figure this out.

"Luffy," Zoro breathed as he started to go faster and faster. Luffy's moans had gotten louder. "Ah, Luffy..." Zoro moaned.  "I'm...I'm-shit-ahh..." He tensed up and came in Luffy who had also and ended up splashing both their chest with semen.

"Zoro...I love you...." He murmured and kissed his neck softly.

"I love you too, Lu," Zoro said and kissed him back.
I wanted to try writing a fanfic and I decided upon writing it about Zoro x Luffy from One Piece because I feel that there isn't enough ZoLu stuff out there. And there's a little bit of ZoSan, but nevermind that......>.>
While writing this, all I could think of was "wow, Zoro is getting around." This was so hard to write without laughing because I'm writing this at work and when I'm on break. So it's awkward for me to be writing something erotic and lovey-dovey as yoai beside all my co-workers :|

Roronoa Zoro & Monkey D. Luffy Đ Eiichiro Oda.

I am so sorry for Ace fans :C
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